DIY faux-waxed denim

Here is our version of the waxed pant trend: the faux-waxed coated denim! You can also use the traditional wax technique (wax + hair dryer) but we felt like trying something new! Hope you like it! :)

Material needed:

Acrylic Paint

Gloss varnish

Foam Brush

Pants from American Apparel

Buy the material online


  1. Tessa
    29 décembre 2012

    i love this! Just wondering though…how should i wash the pants?

    • esthera
      30 décembre 2012

      You can just wash them normally as you would wash some denim pants. The varnish has for purpose to hold the acrylic paint in the fabric!

  2. Cecile
    19 janvier 2013

    Can we use this technique on blue pants with color paint ?

    • esthera
      24 mars 2013

      Yes you should be able to! Send us a picture if you do it!

  3. Kim
    24 mars 2013

    Where are those shoes from?

  4. Thea
    13 mai 2013

    what kind of varnish??

    • Ari
      15 mai 2013

      Hi, varnish for acrylic painting, you’ll find at the art store


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