DIY hand piece

Keeping up with our DIY chain accessories series we launched in 2012, I’m pleased to publish this first DIY of the new year, the DIY chain hand-cuff. After receiving tons of requests from Youtubers, here’s the “how-to” re-create this beautiful and unique style in 4 different designs yiiiiiikes. Have fun :)

Material needed:

Assorted chains

Jump rings (5 to 15)

Assorted cutters and pliers

Gems, rocks and charms

all available at


  1. Shelby
    11 février 2013

    I have tried making one of these and I don’t understand how the chain that goes around your wrist fits. Do you have some kind of clip that connects the chain around your wrist? Because I made it so it slips over my hand and then it is large on my wrist. But I love the DIY and your website!!! <3

    • Snuggles the Cat
      14 avril 2013

      Yeah, in the video it said that after you attach the wrist part to the rest of the chains, add a casp to the wrist part so it fits around your wrist well.


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