DIY leather harness

For a very high fashion look, create your own leather harness with leather scraps (from thrifted pants for example). Follow the video along and you'll look fabulous when wearing your very own harness creation!

Material needed:
Leather scraps (a least 3")
Scissors, thread and needle
Sewing machine
Metal ring (fabric store)
Metal zipper (fabric store)

Difficulty: 5/5


  1. Ismira
    30 septembre 2012

    I am in love with this. Can’t find anything in stores (I searched a long time) and here I stumble on this amazing tutorial. Totally doing it !

    • Lauren
      1 janvier 2013

      Ismira, if you are ever looking for leather harnesses Steampunk shops usually carry them.

      Love your blog by the way. I’ve pinned most (if not all) of your tutorials.


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