DIY Miu Miu inspired pop-up collar

This cute collar style is super versatile and fun plus you can be very creative in designing your own pattern. I went for stars but if you watch the video till the end, you'll find other fancy stencil ideas! Song by Wild Ones, buy it here:

- Shirt
- Scissors
- Fabric paint
- Brush

Difficulty: 3/5



  1. missmarz
    10 mars 2012

    thank you for the tutorial, i’m totally going to try this! (:

  2. Natalie
    29 avril 2012

    I tried this out with an old school shirt and it worked amazingly! thankyou. x

  3. Karlena TheWireFan
    22 août 2012

    Cute, tempted to do cuffs to match!

  4. Clemence
    14 septembre 2012

    Lovely! Thank you so much for the tutorial.

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    1 février 2014

    […] It wasn’t a knitted collar, but a detached collar inspired by the designer miu miu. (click here for the original tutorial).  Admittedly, the style is not new, but I still think it’s […]


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