DIY Neon cuff bracelet

Neon. In Québec, we call it « fluo ». I’ve worn fluo in 89′ then in 2006 and I may wear it again in 2012.. why not? That’s the beauty of the never ending cycle we call « fashion ». Well my friends, some splash of neon here and there won’t hurt me, so here’s what I did to spice up my life: the DIY neon cuff bracelet.

- A thrifted kid’s belt, or slim adult belt
- Sissors or X-acto
- Spray-paint, color of your choice.

Start by cutting the belt so that it will wrap two times around your wrist:

Then protect the metal parts with masking tape so the spray paint won’t slash on the hardware.

In a well ventilated place, shake your can and apply your first coat of paint. Let dry at least 2 hours between each coats. For this project, it needed 5 coats to fully cover the purple, so I suggest you use a « primer » to cover the original color, especially if it’s bright over dark like here. This way will use less of your neon paint, so you’ll have a lot left for more fluro projects!

Let dry, and tadam! Your new neon cuff, 100% DIY and super cheap! (oh and check out my multi-mani!!!)


  1. Stella
    20 février 2012

    Oooh! It looks great! Love it!

  2. neha meshram
    23 mars 2012

    hi…i love u on youtube… i hav a query….does tht neon fluorescent paint last..??
    coz its supposed to be pretty volatile…n it smells kinda bad….

    • Ari
      24 mars 2012

      Oh thanks Neha!! The fluo paint does last!!! the important part is to keep your bracelet in a circular shape so the paint won’t crack! It does smell pretty bad!! ;)

  3. Catherine
    13 juin 2012

    So cute and easy!

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