DIY scarf from a sweater

You probably have an old sweater around that would be perfect for this DIY project. The « sweater-scarf » is very simple and is a creative idea that can look very different from one to the other. I think a large gauge, very loose knit would look fabulous too! You cut each sides and finish with an overlock or zig zag stitch, than you sew both sides together! It’s that simple!

- Old wool sweater
- Sewing machine
- Scissors
- Thread & needle

Difficulty: 3/5


  1. Miriam
    13 octobre 2012

    Wow really loved this great idea for hand made Christmas prezzies :)

  2. Adrianna
    13 novembre 2012

    Hi! first of all i would like to say i love your blog! everything is awesome and also thank you for sharing all this, i wanted to watch the vid for the diy sweater scarf and it’s private i can’t watch it :(

    • esthera
      13 novembre 2012

      Hi Adrianna! Thanks for your kind words. The video should work now!

  3. carola
    13 janvier 2013

    Great Idea for old sweters recycling!!!! thanks, CMM

  4. Sara
    4 février 2013

    I often go to London for vintage scarves. Shoreditch is really good. Also Peekaboo when they have sales on. Online I tend to watch and have picked up amazing scarves beautifully wrapped.


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