DIY studded collar

I bought a full bag of assorted studs a few months ago…. and kind of lost it through my everyday, vintage-store-owner-mess. But, coming from beyond the grave, the tiny bag full of studs appeared to me this morning while I was vacuuming. So I put my DIY game on and I studded the hell out if this vintage shirt. If you never tried it before, it’s actually very easy and fun to do. Plus it’s super creative too!!!

Material needed:
- Studs
- thrifted shirt
- butter knife

Difficulty: ★


  1. mariana
    27 mai 2012

    just started following on bloglovin and love you already. this was as easy as 1-2-3! love it alot! please continue with your awesome tutorials. ♥

  2. priscilia
    15 juillet 2012

    it’s so easy to make it by yourself. me love it. so inspired :))

  3. priscilia
    15 juillet 2012

    it’s so easy to make it by myself. me love it. so inspired :))

  4. Annie
    17 juillet 2012

    you’re so artistic! and a great designer too of course! :)

  5. roro
    22 juillet 2012

    hi your tutorials are great !!! just wondering where you got the shirt from ???

    • Ari
      22 juillet 2012

      Hi, I bought it in a thrift store… I buy almost all my clothes vintage or used :)

  6. Dominique
    12 août 2012

    Nice tutorials

  7. cécilia
    16 septembre 2012

    i loved doing this one by myself! :D simple and awesome!


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