DIY The Perfect Table

After failed attempts at searching stores and online shops for the perfect long and skinny table, I finally gave in and set forth on a DIY project (mission). I’ve always loved the look of long formal banquet tables and the rustic appearance of classic country farmhouse tables, but at the same time wanted something modern.


-(2) 1”x 12 “x 6’ whitewood pine “common board” from Home Depot
-(3) 1”x 4” X6’
-1 box of 1 ¼” wood screws (50 pc)
-Power drill
-½ pt polyurethane clear satin finish (I used Minwax brand)
-Quality synthetic paintbrush (and turpentine to clean it)
-(4) Ikea Nipen legs (Ikea has plenty of legs to choose from)
-120 grit sandpaper
-mouse sander
-220 or lower grit sandpaper

Instructions here

IMG_3184_small IMG_3123_small IMG_3143_small IMG_3136_small IMG_3147_small IMG_3164 IMG_3158_small IMG_3152_small


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