DIY tribal necklace tutorial

For this DIY project, I was inspired by the tribal and african trend. Using embroidery thread, this wrap necklace technique is very easy and can be used for bracelets or hair braids as well... it gives you a blank canvas for you to let your creativity loose! Pick your colors, create your own pattern and gooo crazy!

Material needed:
- At least 6 colors of embroidery thread
- Shoe laces
- Bolts and nuts
- Scissors
- Clasp or button

Difficulty: 2/5


  1. Robin
    1 mai 2012

    This is so amazing. I have one question…how are the bolts/nuts secured? Glued? Woven in or do they stay put just sliding them onto the cord? First time reader of your blog! Thanks to M & J Trim! :)

    • Ari
      1 mai 2012

      Hi Robin! Thanks for your comment! I slide the nuts onto the cord and finish the end with a clasp. You can make a knot to make sure they won’t fall of if your clasp breaks! :)

  2. vivian
    1 mai 2012

    I am going to try this one day… is stunning on you….it looks easy and you can wear it with alot. I do have alot of embroidery thread. maybe I can use some of those rayon thread that I find difficult to embroider with. thank you.

  3. genevieve
    6 mai 2012

    I looooove this idea! very trendy as a necklace or bracelet! And you used the same technique used when we were kids: on the top of your knee!

  4. Kazmi
    20 mai 2012

    Fabulous. Great job. prefect combination of colors.

  5. ami
    8 juillet 2012

    Hyeeee, I just wonder on how did u act start the wrap? Did all the threads used to wrap the shoe lace came from the combined one or u simply cut a new one? and wrap it over? I am so excited to try this, but I have some questions in my head. Thanksss :)

  6. Karlena TheWireFan
    22 août 2012

    Love this!

  7. rosarioromero
    21 décembre 2012

    OH DEAR! This is magnifico. I really really love it. And it’s so easy to do.

  8. ANNY
    3 juillet 2013

    oh my god ! thts so good ! im gonna try dat !

    p.s – your model is sooooo pretty . what’s her name ??

  9. kevin
    7 janvier 2014

    That too pretty
    Love step by step Descriptions.

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  12. Mille Creations
    23 avril 2015

    Awesome I want to do it!


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