DIY Waterfall braid

I am very happy to present to you dear DIY fans our first Hairdo tutorial!  I have had short hair for more that 3 years now and letting it grow is a long and dedicated process.  But since the last month, I have had enough length to start playing with styles and hairdos!  Weeeeee!  That gave me the idea to make a tutorial for the so romantic and pretty "waterfall braid look".  I called up my friend Esthera and asked her to come with her sis Pat, and we made this video.  Music is provided by Gabby Maiden, another DIY artist to keep an eye on!  Hope you like it, it's simple and you can also do it yourself, you don't need to have your sister around!  :)

Two hands!

Difficulty: 3/5


  1. sara
    16 avril 2012

    it’s amazing , but how can i made it with my own hand it’s difficult u know …!!

  2. cécilia
    13 septembre 2012

    amazing! I’m able to do it, but I would have never thought about it by myself!

  3. Kate
    14 septembre 2012

    Gorgeous!! I have to try this :)

  4. olivia
    20 février 2014

    Ive got 17 neices who will be dazzled by my my new found braiding prowess!!
    Thank you!!!!

  5. Delanie
    21 mai 2014

    This is so pretty! I’m going to try this for my graduation…without another person….we’ll see how that works out ;)

  6. Shannon
    9 mai 2015

    Beautiful! I’m always looking for interesting braids and things to do with my very long hair. This is perfect! Thanks so much for sharing!


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