DIY whimsical chandelier

Easy as one, two, three, this DIY chandelier will create a festive atmosphere wherever you hang it. Have fun!

What you need:

-An embroidery loop (or you can recycle an old lampshade and use its frame)
-Flower pot chain
-Fabric, lace, ribbons (anything yo wish to hang really!)
-White Christmas lights

Start off by cutting some fabric strips. Use the strips to cover the chandelier’s frame.

Then you can add the ribbons, lace and other strips left. Once you’re done, put the chain on (that’s where you’re going to need those pliers). My chain is attached to two sides of the frame only. Depending on the weight of your chandelier, you might want to tight it to three sides of the frame for full stability.

Now add the lights and you’re done! For that all you need to do is to fold your lights into a ball and tight them with the cord.

Et voilà, as pretty by day as by night, you got a whimsical chandelier.


  1. Melissa
    17 janvier 2013

    It’s a cute little ghost buddy :3.

  2. mistral
    27 janvier 2013


  3. annie
    5 avril 2013

    Ive already did my own chandelier :D I wonder If Ill can show it to u one of these days :3


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