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Joshua Tree in january03

As a last minute « Goodbye, California » trip I decided to gather my girl posse to embark on a single day adventure to Joshua Tree National Park.  For those of you who haven’t been, well, you must.  This California desert has been an inspiration to musician everywhere and you can instantly feel the otherworldliness as soon as you enter the park.

Now I’ve only visited in the summer. When temperatures are over 100 degrees, camping is a must and nudity is optional. I’m not going to lie, visiting during winter does have it’s perks – no crowds, cool hiking days and cold campfire nights.  We even caught some snow throughout the shadows of the rocks.

When most people think of deserts, you think of bare vegetation, miles of endless sand, but Josua Tree National park is actually a forest of, you guessed it, Joshua Trees!  Not only do you encounter many desert plant species, but one of the desert’s main attractions is Jumbo Rocks.  Strange formations and huge boulders that somehow balance themselves on cliffs exist throughout the park.  Beyond every boulder there’s a majestic view to be seen, caves to hide in and cracks to squeeze through. The wind chill was bearable, but the two pups that came along, looked like they were cold, so we cuddled one in a jacket and the other stayed cozy in my backpack!

We hiked all day and raced to the tallest rock we can climb to catch the sunset.
The evening sun brings golden light and the afterglow leaves us with painted pink and purple skies. We were hoping to be abducted by aliens, so this day would never end.


Joshua Tree in january08

Joshua Tree in january19

Joshua Tree in january01

Joshua Tree in january33

Joshua Tree in january37

Joshua Tree in january11


Joshua Tree in january02


Joshua Tree in january09

Joshua Tree in january10

Joshua Tree in january13

Joshua Tree in january04

Joshua Tree in january06

Joshua Tree in january35

Joshua Tree in january13-3

Joshua Tree in january36

Joshua Tree in january13-1

Joshua Tree in january18

Joshua Tree in january16

Joshua Tree in january17

Joshua Tree in january05

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Joshua Tree in january34

Joshua Tree in january22

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Joshua Tree in january15

Joshua Tree in january40

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