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Spanish espadrille


Espadrille are the most comfortable shoes in the world I swear! I went in spain last spring and fell in love for them! Here in Quebec, we said espadrille to mean running shoes but the name espadrille come from a the spanish word « esparto » who’s the name of the herb used to create the soles. The espadrille is one of the oldest shoes the human created and it’s still the best! Be aware, it’s hard to find real ones theses days cause a lot of company recreate the shoe without the real artisanal technic and you’ll not find the same comfort and durability. If you’re passing by Montreal, a suggest you to go at the « Espagne à vos pieds» boutique, at the corner of Mont-royal and st-denis streets. Diego Arnedo, the owner, imports the espadrille from he’s grand- parents village: Cervera Rio del Alhama.  He have a really interesting parcours and preserved he’s typical spanish « joie de vivre »

espa_beige yellow_espa rouille_espa skirt_espa jeanne2_espa denim_espa


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