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Umpa Lumpa style diary

It’s been a while since I have published a personal style post, and let me explain why.  The first reason is a classic;  I just didn’t take time to do it.  But mostly, I needed to put the style diary aside for a while and take time to re-think the concept, and rebuild it in my own terms.  So here’s what I came up with;

I am not a fashion blogger

It’s said, I’m not ;)  I enjoy personal style and I really, really find pleasure in putting my daily outfits together.  I often asked myself while taking my outfits photos, does the world really care about what I wear?  That question needed to be asked.  And I did ask it.  Surprisingly, I found out people did enjoy the style post I shared.  I decided to cary on with the style diary in a lighter version;  grounded posts, natural or no make-up looks, a unique photo filter, all this supported by an inspiration photo.

The style diary will be a way of presenting how I style DIY projects with my own vintage and thrifted clothes.  In no way I wish to encourage consumerism and fast fashion marketing.  

Style is assuming being unique 0r different.  And different is truly beautiful! :)  

Since I auto proclaimed myself NOT a fashion blogger ((lol) please understand I wish not to talk about beauty, make-up, trends, my diet or my weight.  I’ll leave these subjects to mass market blogs and magazines :)

This is not about my personal life

First, let me say we are very, very happy and grateful for the success Boat People has, but even if I’m a tiny but growing « face of internet », I still don’t feel comfortable in sharing my personal life on this platform.  With all the respect I have for Boat People’s readers and fans, I wish we keep it to our mission that is sharing good ideas and inspiring you to lead a creating lifestyle.  :)  Hope you guys understand!

Let’s open the windows!

We all love fresh air, that’s why we’d love to feature the looks of inspiring people we hang out with, like for example our blog contributors, friends and editors from other blogs.  We’ll really try our best to make it happen!!!

Soooooo here’s the latest style diary I shot, the products are listed at the end of the post.  Thanks for reading guys, and thanks for your continued support.  xo Ari


Head to toe:

DIY crop top – thrifted

DIY hand piece – Boat People Vintage

Vintage pantalon – Le Château

Faux Cheetah Rainbow Boots – John Fluevog

DIY cut-off vintage camo vest – Boat People Vintage


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