Wood patchwork with Ariel Alasko


I discovered this Brooklyn wood artist yesterday on one of my favorite local blog, Mode 34B (french only sorry) and I immediately feel in love with her creations.  Made of reclaimed wood laths from old floors and walls, Ariel Alaskos designs are rough & textured but also very delicate and rich, respecting the noble material she works with.  She creates wood wall boards, bed head boards and tables with one of a kind patterns. A talent to be recognized :) I invite you to follow her blog where she shares beautiful pictures of her everyday work.   xo Ari

ariele_alasko ariele_alasko_lath_triangle_table_01 salvaged_wood_handmade_headboard reclaimed_dining_table table_02 brooklyn_to_west_wall_panel reclaimed_wood_coffee_table_05 reclaimed_table brooklyn_to_west_studio brooklyn_to_west_03 ariele_alasko_01 ariele_alsako ariele_brooklyn_studio Old_church_01 huge_dining_table_reclaimed_01reclaimed_lath_queen_headboard_01headboard_patterns_FOU111R_FIVE_numbered      ariele_alasko_spoon_giveaway_2013_03wall_panels_003

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