Workspace inspo: balance of the elements

workspace_inspo_boatpeoplevintage03Undoubtedly, for me the perfect workspace has great windows letting natural light come in, multiple plants, and a feel of coziness without being over cluttered by objects. I find it hard to concentrate when things are messy around me or if there is too much information. The photos below show good balance to me. What’s your workspace like? What are some must-have elements in your office?

workspace_inspo_boatpeoplevintage06workspace_inspo_boatpeoplevintage08workspace_inspo_boatpeoplevintage04workspace_inspo_boatpeoplevintage02workspace_inspo_boatpeoplevintage01workspace_inspo_boatpeoplevintage09workspace_inspo_boatpeoplevintage11workspace_inspo_boatpeoplevintage10 workspace_inspo_boatpeoplevintage05          workspace_inspo_boatpeoplevintage07

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