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Woven by Friends: DIY dreamcatchers

What better way to celebrate your birthday than have Rachael Rice, professional dreamcatcher extraodinare, come over and teach you and your friends how to make dream catchers! It’s a great way to intertwine yourself with friends, art, creativity, cupcakes, and mimosas!

While Michelle Clabby wondered how she would celebrate her birthday, she remembered Free People hosting an dream catcher making event featuring Rachael Rice.  And since she missed out on that, she contacted Rachel directly asking if she did birthday parties.  Surely, enough Rachel not only teaches how to make dream catchers, she also supplies tons of magical, whimsical, sparkly strings and things, for everyone to walk away with more than enough danglers at any special event. (Pictured here is Michelle in an amazing crochet dress by Stone Cold Fox!)

The beautiful office of Instrument, a digital creative agency, which was once was a World War II ship-building factory.  What a perfect place to have craft time!

Michelle’s birthday party was one of the more unique and parties I’ve attend.  Why waste another night at the bar, when you can be making totally awesome dream catchers sipping on mimosas? Not to mention munching down on Nikki Brush’s chocolate cayenne pepper cup cakes.  Yes, those are gold flakes you see there.

Here’s mine (inspired by artist Tord Boontje).  Don’t give me too much credit, Rachel supplied the amazing paper garland!

The masculine and feminine, yin and yang duality of dream catchers.

Don’t they look great hung together?

And a few more fabulous dream catchers by Rachel herself.  Rachael is a portland artist that makes native american inspired dream catchers with a twist.  Her dream catchers are beyond traditional feathers and leather.  And could be described as « cosmic american » with inspiration from « …indigenous cultures, mysticism, camp crafts, and rock and roll culture.  »



  1. Ummmmmmm, HELL YES! Please, please do a tutorial on this! My favorite one pictured is the « feminine » one next to the masculine one. It’s soooo pretty. :)

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